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This web site is to provide information of Community Theatre in the Auckland area.
We want to keep you updated on all happenings in theatre, upcoming plays, auditions, and items of interest.
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Teenage Film Extras
My name is Olivia and I work for a production company called Kevin and Co. We are currently filming a new New Zealand comedy series called 'Raised by Refugees'.

The series is the story of Pax Assadi (nz comedian) growing up in Auckland post-9/11, and will reflect the experiences of many New Zealanders with Middle Eastern and South Aisan Heritage.

It's a really great script with an amazing cast and crew working on the show.

We are currently on the hunt for some extras (Kids aged between 12-14yrs) for a day where we are filming a school formal.

Date: is Wednesday the 21st of July
Location: Wesley Intermediate School (Mt Roskill)

I was thinking it would be a great idea to see if you know of any any classes that would be interested in being extras on a tv set for the day. We are hoping to find a group of 10-20plus kids. It would be a really fun day. We would of course feed them and look after them for the day.

We would be offering a donation/funding towards the class group as well.

If you know of any kids theatre classes or holiday groups that would love to help us out and experience what it's like to be on a tv series set I would love to be further in touch with you.

Below is a link to our production company's website so you know who we are :)

Thank you so much for your time, appreciate it!! My email is
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