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AUDITIONS for our August production
The Thrill of Love by Amanda Whittington
Directed By Kathy Gent
Season: 12 – 27 August 2022

(Upstairs at The Rose Centre, School Road, Belmont.)

Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain after being convicted of shooting her lover David Blakely in cold blood. Using the evocative and haunting songs of Billie Holiday as a springboard, The Thrill of Love dramatises this true story and delves behind the headlines to take a closer look at Ruth and the women in her life.
A divorcee with two young children, Ruth worked in the sort of 1950’s London nightclubs where there was more than a drink on offer, where hostesses worked hard, played hard and dreamt of leaving the sleaze and heading to Hollywood for a movie-star life.
Amanda Whittington’s play focuses on Ruth’s life and in particular her friendships with Sylvia the dependable nightclub manageress, Vicky a vivacious actress and model and the selfless and kind charwoman Doris who has aspirations to be more than a char, the friends who provide comfort as she battles her abusive lovers. Detective Jack Gale follows Ruth’s story throughout the play, always in the shadows in an attempt to unravel her motive for murder…and more……
CHARACTERS: 4 Women and 1 Man
Ruth – playing age 28. A nightclub hostess. Marilyn Munroe type character, vivacious, courageous yet so vulnerable.
Vicky – playing age 24. Model, dancer and actress. Sensuous, witty and joyful.
Doris – 30’s/40’s A nightclub charwoman. Selfless, kind, honourable, dependable
Sylvia – 40-60 A nightclub manageress. World weary, independent, with a soft centre.
Jack Gale. A detective. Meticulous, dogged, measured, empathetic, he lurks in the shadows as an observer
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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

Mairangi Players

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
May 8th
by Frank McGuinness, directed by Sian Davis.

Auditions on May 8th for a season from in late July to early August.
More information contact

About Someone Who'll Watch Over Me: Frank McGuinness's play is a dramatisation of the true story of Westerners held hostage in Lebanon in the late 1980s. An American doctor, an Irish journalist and a British academic are taken hostage and held by unseen captors in the Middle East. With no one else to turn to, the need to stay alive and sane overcomes their initial divisions and prejudices. In their battle to keep their spirits from faltering, their chief weapon becomes their imaginations, balancing the grim reality of the situation with moments of beauty, fantasy and poignancy. As victims of political action, powerless to initiate change, what can they do? How do they live and survive? A story of determination and imagination inspired by the true account of Brian Keenan.
Ron Wilson Auckland, New Zealand
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