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Stag and Doe
a comedy by Mark Crawford
Directed by Jake La Jeunesse
At Howick Little Theatre, on Sunday, 24 November
10:00am – 2:00pm, or by appointment
Email the director Jake La Jeunesse now for a copy of the script AND/OR an audition time to suit.  
On application for an audition time, you will be e-mailed some designated audition pieces. We will have people to read other roles in for you. If you have specific questions, feel free to e-mail Jake.
Read-through on Sunday, 8 December
Rehearsals begin Sunday, 19 January
Sundays 7.00 – 9:30 pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30 – 10.00 pm
PRODUCTION DATES: 29 February – 21 March 2020
In Ontario, Canada, Bonnie and Brad struggle to raise the money for their wedding. Costs are ballooning out of control, and both their credit cards are maxed out. They’re placing all their hopes on a Canadian tradition, the Stag and Doe party, but even that is proving expensive. Their efforts are strained further when Mandy and Rob show up. Mandy, distraught over losing her wedding tent to a kleptomaniacal thunderstorm and empowered by her father’s deep pockets, demands the use of the reception hall for her wedding. And to her added misfortune, her fiance Rob finds himself distracted by Bonnie’s best friend, Dee, who he happened to abandon at the altar several years ago.
The Director
Jake La Jeunesse has spent a lifetime in the theatre, working his way up from a lowly 2nd chair trumpet in a high school orchestra to commanding the helm of Howick Little Theatre’s Stag and Doe. Previously, he has directed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, a few scripts he penned himself, three years worth of Vaudeville revivals, and a slew of high school productions. Despite hailing from the southern shore of Lake Superior, he’s only actually been to Canada once. New to Auckland, he has appeared in California Suite and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the past year.
Canadian accents will be used for the performance, but can be learned during production and are not necessary for auditions. All characters are in their twenties to mid-thirties.
BONNIE: The doe. She’s excited about getting married, but at her wits end with planning it. With her fiance, Brad, she needs to raise some serious funds for the wedding, and the stress is getting to her.  
DEE:  Bonnie’s best friend. Loyal to Bonnie, Dee is there to help out with the miserable details of party planning. But some events in her past catch up with her. Of all the Stag and Doe parties in all the reception halls in all of Ontario, he had to walk into hers...
BRAD: The stag. Like Bonnie, Brad is facing the very real possibility of being crushed under the weight of his wedding debt. After maxing out his credit card, he begins to have doubts when Bonnie springs the news of her $6000 wedding dress.
MANDY: A bride. After a lifetime of planning the perfect wedding, a few minutes of lousy weather have rained on her parade, and not even her father’s money can keep her glued together as she replans her entire wedding in a few hours.
ROB: A groom. Rob is pretty sure he’s ready to get married. By now, at least. But he’s reminded of his doubts when he runs into Dee, who won’t let him forget how he left her at the Altar years ago.
JAY: A young caterer dealing with all the common problems, loneliness, the challenges of being a single parent, and losing his entire team to a drug bust on the day they have to prepare for a wedding. Desperate for help, he happens to run into a young couple who need money fast and their attractive--and single--best friend.

Mairangi Players
2pm on Sunday 8 December at the Theatre
First Things First
a comedy by Derek Benfield, directed by Bob Lack

SEASON: Friday 28th March - Saturday 4th April

Pete and George are old friends. In fact, such good old friends that George has been Pete's best man at both of his weddings. Pete is happily married to Sarah, but then George arrives with the news that Pete's first wife Jessica was not killed in a climbing accident as they had thought but is alive and well and keen to resume her life with Pete. If Pete would just be honest with both his wives then we wouldn't have a play. But of course he isn't ...


Pete - the lead, on stage for almost the entire show - a pleasant, well-meaning chap, aged 30 to 45.

Sarah - Pete's current wife - an appealing young lady with a romantic imagination. Aged 25 to 35. On stage about two-thirds of the show.

George - Pete's friend - an agreeable man but not the brightest. Aged 30 to 50. On stage about three-quarters of the show.

Jessica - Pete's first wife - an adventurous young lady, aged 25 to 40. On stage about two-thirds of the show.

Margot - Sarah's mother - a powerful, confident, possessive and rather dogmatic surgeon who has never liked or trusted Pete. Aged 60 to 70. On stage about two-thirds of the show.

Alan - a good looking man with a confident, relaxed manner and an eye for the ladies. Aged 35 to 50. On stage about a quarter of the show.

As written the play is set in the UK, but it could just as well be in NZ. Ages are flexible, ethnicity is irrelevant and accents are not critical; however one factor in casting will be to ensure that the relationships are believable - Margot / Sarah as mother / daughter and the three romantic relationships Sarah / Pete, Pete / Jessica and Jessica / Alan.


It's proposed to hold an initial read-through on Wednesday 18 December, then to hold rehearsals on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings from late January. A draft schedule will be available and anyone auditioning MUST disclose any unavailability. The season will run from 27 March to 4 April.


A group audition will be held at TheatreWorks at 2:00pm on Sunday 8 December. No specified passages need be prepared but candidates are encouraged to look at the script and to come prepared to read and to act in character.

Questions & Scripts; Please contact the director, Bob Lack via email

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