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Howick Little Theatre
Cruise Control
Australia’s most produced playwright, David Williamson

Directed by Nathan Hey

Auditions: Saturday, November 4, from 10am

Auditions will be at set time, please contact the office with the character you intend to audition for, and any preferred time requirements.

Cast off onto some rough waters with this dramatic comedy

What To Prepare For Auditions

Please read the play in full and prepare for the following scenes.

Richard: Pg. 115-117 (Fiona & Richard), Pg. 112-113 (Richard & Imogen)

Fiona: Pg. 134-135 (Fiona & Sol), Pg. 115-117 (Fiona & Richard)

Imogen: Pg. 96- 98 (Darren & Imogen), Pg. 112-113 (Richard & Imogen)

Darren: Pg. 96- 98 (Darren & Imogen), Pg. 108 (Fiona & Darren)

Sol: Pg. 98-100 (Silky & Sol), Pg. 134-135 (Fiona & Sol)

Silky: Pg. 128-129 (Silky & Charlie), Pg. 98-100 (Silky & Sol)

Charlie: Pg. 128-129 (Silky & Charlie), Pg. 136-137 (Charlie and Darren)

Remember accents are important in this play, so please check the character briefs.

Any questions, please email the director:

About The Play

Three couples embark on a cruise from London to New York in hopes of rekindling their spark in their marriages. Throughout the voyage the couples challenge and forge their relationships. Who will make it out intact? The play is a comedy that explores couple boredom and infidelity, that has drama, pain and plenty of challenge for actors.

This play has lots of emotionally charged scenes for all the characters as well as light comic moments. It is a play that offers challenges for all roles. It is a great play in need of a great cast.

About The Director: Nathan Hey

I am very excited about this production. It is a hard time of the year to direct and perform, but for this play I am happy to accept the challenge.

I have directed in both theatre productions and short film as well as been involved in set design, art departments and editing. This will be my third direction at Howick Little Theatre, having directed
4000 Miles
The Perfect Murder
, which won Best Production of the Year.

I like to create a fun working environment where actors are able to be creative, work as a team, and enjoy working hard to make a show we’re proud of. This has been the case for all of my productions and it is my goal to continue to do so.


Perusal scripts are available from the office, 534-1401 or

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and on Sunday afternoons at 6pm.

A readthrough will be held on Sunday, 26 November. Rehearsals will be through January starting 7

Performances start/finish: Saturday, Feb 24 to Saturday, March 17: approx. 16 performances.

It is expected that you attend all rehearsals and of course performances!


(All ages are guidelines only. If you are outside that range it doesn’t count you out. The play is set on a cruise ship and actors will need to perform with the required accent. I would like actors to attempt the accent at rehearsals if possible)

Darren Brodie (30s-early 40s):
Darren is a very successful Australian businessman who owns a chain of surf apparel stores. He was a member of the notorious Sydney Surf gang. He is a good husband but struggles with his wandering wife Imogen. His build will need to look like that of a surfer. Darren is a strong character with some great verbal spars with Richard. His relationship with Imogen is good most of the time, but his holding on to Imogen’s past infidelities and his business ventures get in the way of true progress.

Imogen Brodie (late 20s-30s):
Imogen is a sexy, bubbly women with a positive disposition, who is married to Darren. She was schooled at a very wealthy private school, so has a polished Australian accent. Her marriage has suffered because of her two past infidelities, one of which was Darren’s close friend. This trip was one of recovery, which gets hampered by Darren’s business venture and a very charming Richard. She is pursued by Richard and inevitably ends up getting into trouble. She is bored and not getting the attention she needs from Darren.  

Richard Manton (late 40s-early 50s):
A truly entertaining role to play. A literary author who was gained much acclaim early on in his career, but things are on the decline for Richard -- career and marriage. He is addicted to women and is constantly on the search for another conquest, however he tries to keep his marriage alive with Fiona, almost purely for financial reasons as Fiona is a successful editor. He needs to be charming and loveable, as he is able to make women swoon before his true seediness and bitterness is revealed.

Fiona Manton (late 40s-early 50s):
Fiona is a very successful editor who married her Oxford mentor, whom she adored but she has since has seen him fall in a downwards spiral. For her, this trip is a last chance, one that will either bring them together or seal her suspicion that their marriage has become a way for Richard to finance himself. Fiona is an endearing, kind woman who married the wrong man and as a result turned to drinking as a coping mechanism. Her journey through the play is a subtle but defining one.

Sol Wasserman (late 50s-60s):
Sol is a Jewish New Yorker periodontist (gum) specialist, who is married to Silky and loves to complain about everything. He spends his days staring at decayed gums, but earns a lot of money. He wants more than this, and has started an airport novel and is sure it’s going to be a hit. His obsessive compulsive nature is the bane of Silky’s existence. He can be older than Silky but needs the New York Jewish accent and will be fun to play as he gets to complain a lot!

Silky Wasserman (50s-early 60s):
Silky is the bored wife of Sol, who despite his great wealth feels trapped. Sick of his constant complaining, Silky sees this cruise as a test of sorts: either to reconcile or get a divorce. She worked as a theatrical casting agent in New York, and wasn’t that impressed by Sol when they first meet, but his persistence and money wore her down. She is a keen observer, who does have a soft side, but also sees through Richard’s front straightaway.

Charlie (30-50):
The waiter of the party. Charlie is a family man who is working hard to support them, painfully separated for nearly 10 months out of a year. Charlie is the eyes and ears of the cruise and is far more aware of events than he lets on. It’s a role that will be present through all dining scenes, used in the bar and at other times as well so will be a significant role. He is described as Filipino, but I am open to other nationalities.  

Dolphin Theatre

By Roger Hall  :  Directed by Julia Leathwick


Roger Hall's great gift for creating a setting in which a diverse group of characters are drawn together is rarely better displayed than in this play. Irresistibly funny and satirical.


A farce set in a lakeside holiday home in Taupo, New Zealand, in the very politically incorrect 1980s - just mix together a family of city folk, a jetlagged Granny fresh from Britain, and a probation officer daughter with her unexpected Maori husband …. oh -  and don’t forget the “ever so friendly” US exchange student and you are guaranteed a Christmas celebration like no other…  and that’s before we even meet the shot gun blazing deer farmer living next door……

A fun-filled romp full of mixed messages, mistaken identities, and numerous near misses.  

Cast required:   We are looking for a cast with great comic timing, prepared to work hard, have fun and enjoy the process.

Harriet Palmer, 45-plus, wife of Arthur, a North Shore bridge player who is quite happy with things just the way they are thank you very much

Arthur Palmer, 50-60, Auckland businessman, dresses well for age (mostly happily married but jealous of his younger brother)….

Clive Palmer, Late 30s-50s, younger brother of Arthur (height/physical similarity to Arthur is important), expensively dressed – your typical “yuppie”

Susie Palmer, 20-25, daughter of Arthur and Harriet. Works in “social services”.

Granny, 60+, mother of Harriet, visiting from the Motherland – THE LIFE OF THE PARTY

Jim Naylor, Late 30's +, a kilt wearing deer farmer Scots immigrant- slim build

Rangi, 25-30, New Zealand Maori, Husband of Susie, recently married, much more than meets the eye

Charmaine Kaminsky, 25-early 30's, American Rotary exchange student (wink wink)

For more details and scripts please contact:

Julia Leathwick 09 634 6344 (evenings & weekends only) email:

Rehearsals:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30 – 10:00 pm & Sundays TBC
Ellerslie Theatrical Society
The Witches
Written by Roald Dahl
In an adaption by David Wood, Directed by Daryl Wrightson
Presented by arrangement with Play Bureau NZ

Audition Date Sunday 19 November 2017 1:30 pm

Luke, a British boy, goes to live with Helga, his Norwegian grandmother, after his parents are killed in a car crash. Helga tells Luke stories about real witches. As specified in the parents' will, Luke and Helga have to return to England.

They stay at a seaside resort, where Luke meets and befriends a gluttonous but friendly boy, Bruno Jenkins. Also staying at the hotel are a convention of witches, masquerading as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Luke inadvertently discovers the witches while playing with his pet mice inside the ballroom, where the witches hold their meeting. The Grand High Witch unveils her latest weapon: a formula to turn children into mice, which they will use on confectionery products in sweet shops and candy stores to be opened using money provided by the Grand High Witch. Bruno is lured into the room, having already been given chocolate laced with the formula a couple of hours earlier. He turns into a mouse. Luke attempts to escape but is also captured and turned into a mouse, though he avoids being squashed. He finds Bruno and reunites with Helga who recovered while Luke was adventuring.

Luke devises a plan and sneaks into the Grand High Witch's room to steal a bottle of formula. Luke manages to drop the bottle into a pot of cress soup destined for the witches' dinner tables. The formula turns all the witches into mice, just after Bruno speaks up to tell his father that he is really a mouse.

Contact details
For more information, a copy of the script and audition preparation details please contact Daryl Wrightson email:

First read-through Sunday 3 December 2017 at 1.30pm.
Rehearsals start the week commencing 8 January 2018.
Rehearsal times are evenings from 7.30pm through the week and Sunday afternoons from 12.30pm.

Thursday 15 March to Saturday 24 March 2018 - 10 performances including two matinees.

About the director
Daryl is an award-winning comedian and performer, He is well known for his unique character comedy and has performed in a number of festivals, including the Edinburgh, Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin Fringe, Auckland Pride, and the NZ International Comedy Festival. He has featured and assistant directed a number of the Young and Hungry productions produced by The Auckland Theatre Company. Daryl has a degree in performing arts and has also studied at the John Bolton Theatre School. He has vast experience in Directing, devising and producing a number of shows including musicals. He also tutors and runs performance workshops.

* The ages are only suggestions and should only be treated as guidelines. If you are outside of this age range but feel you are perfect for the role, please come along to audition.
* Most of the actors will be involved in the minor scenic changes.

Actor 1 - Boy male 15+
Actor 2 - Grandmother female
Actor 3 - Display Witch/Witch One/Voice of Maid female
Actor 4 - Lawyer/Hotel Doorman/Head Waiter either
Actor 5 - Sailor/Doctor/Mr Jenkins/Head Chef male
Actor 6 - Tree-House Witch/Mrs Jenkins/Witch Two female
Actor 7 - Bruno Jenkins/Frog/Second Chef male 15+
Actor 8 - Grand High Witch female
Actor 9 - Nurse/Waitress female
Actor 10 - Waiter/Puppeteer either
15 Witches either Fifteen or so Witches (no individual lines)
4 Diners either Three or four Diners in the restaurant (can be doubled by Witches)
Musician either

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