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Note: Auditions will be over two weekends
For the roles of:
Mrs Beech/ Mrs Hartridge
SUNDAY 22ND JULY  1:30 – 4PM
All other roles
VENUE: Dolphin Theatre Rehearsal hall
12 Spring St, Onehunga
One of the most heart wrenching yet uplifting stories ever written, Michelle Magorian’s stunning Goodnight Mister Tom is brought gloriously to life in this stage adaptation by David Wood – the UK’s ‘National Children’s Dramatist’ (The Times). Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to the Second World War, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley. All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by his mother back to London.

CHARACTERS: Please note: Ages are an indication of character age only and roles are open to actors outside these ages. Most roles except for Tom, Will, Sammy and Zach will require you to be part of an ensemble to make up the villagers, evacuees, Londoners, nursing staff, and if suitable the squirrel and bird.
TOM OAKLEY: (55- late 60s)
A recluse that reluctantly takes in William. Isolated after the loss of his wife and unborn child, Tom has to adjust to not only living with William but re-joining the township he has long avoided. He was a man of faith before the deaths of his family. Through his relationship with William he is encouraged to love and believe again. A beautiful and challenging role.
WILLIAM BEECH: (10-18 years)
A young city boy who has come from a household of neglect and abuse. His relationship with Tom builds his self-esteem and worth. Originally awkward and nervous he transforms throughout the play to a confident and able young lad. I am open to casting ideally with young actor but will move up in age to find the right actor for the role.
ZACH : (10-18 years)
Zach is the polar opposite of William, confident and outgoing, and full of enthusiasm and energy. A Jewish evacuee from London, he comes from a theatrical family. I am open to casting ideally with a young actor but will move up in age to find the right actor for the role.
SAMMY (Puppeteer):
Sammy the dog is a critical role and is present in the majority of the scenes. He delivers some touching moments with Will and is the one who ultimately gets William rescued in London. An experienced puppeteer is required to bring this character alive. This is a truly rewarding role and must bring attention to the dog’s performance.
Charlie is the local ARP warden. David is Mrs Hartridge’s husband and a RAF trainee pilot. The vicar is a young and energetic man keen to build his community. Mr Stelton is a psychiatrist who evaluates Will.  These roles are a range of characters each with their own characterisation to define the roles. You may also be asked to be part of other scenes. I’m open the age so don’t worry if you don’t fit exactly into the age range.
Open on age with this role but George needs to have a youthful and energetic presence, and match Will and Zach with their mannerisms (11-14years of age). He is the youngest son of Mrs Fletcher. The policeman will be able to avoid the early draft due to his role as a policeman. London accent preferable. You may also be asked to be part of other scenes.
Dr Little oversees William’s recovery and helps Tom with the medical aspects of William’s abuse. The ticket collector should have a London accent and is rather over his job. You may also be asked to be part of other scenes.
Mr or Mrs Miller is the local post office and general store. This role is open to male or female as there is flexibility. London accent is preferable for the ARP warden.
The billeting officer is an efficient, no nonsense lady who has little patience for silly behaviour from the evacuees. Miss Thorne is the local librarian and amateur drama producer.
Mrs Fletcher is the mother of George and a housewife. She has a soft spot for Tom, and is good natured. Glad is warm hearted Londoner who is clearly into her gossip. The Social worker is concerned for William but has her heart in the right place. All roles are quite warm and friendly so will need good characterisation to define the roles clearly from one another.
Miss Miller works to help her father in the store. Always vigilant for shoplifting from the evacuees she tears into Will. This role will also be called on a lot as a fellow school student, in ensemble roles as well. You will have quite a bit of stage time.
Two polar roles. Mrs Hartridge the school teacher who is married to Mr Hartridge. Throughout the play she is expecting and has the baby and finds out her husband has been killed. Dramatic role with lots of punch. Will also play Mrs Beech the abusive mother of William, a mentally deranged woman who is strict and unloving.  
11 in the play, twin sister of Ginnie. Carrie is the academic of the two. Open on age with this role but Carrie needs to have a youthful and energetic presence, and match Will and Zach with their energy, behaviour etc. (11-14years of age). The sister is in the hospital where William is recovering. Very strict and authorative.
GINNIE/ NURSE: (16-30)
11 in the play, twin sister of Carrie. Ginnie is the practical of the two. Open on age with this role but Ginnie needs to have a youthful and energetic presence, and match Will and Zach with their energy, behaviour etc. (11-14years of age). The nurse is the hospital where William is recovering. Young and empathic.
Season Dates: 28th Sep – 13th Oct
(perfectly timed for the school holidays)


For expressions of interest, full scripts and audition pieces, please contact:
or Catherine Maunsell:

Company Theatre
Last Legs by Roger Hall.
Directed by Sian Davis
It's all about life in a Retirement home!

For fundraising groups and special rates, phone Sherry 09 4452844. Very popular for the end of the year.

AUDITION TIME:  SUNDAY June 24th, at The Rose Centre, in the theatre.  Please come into the foyer to register, or phone / email Sian your intention to attend.  The audition will be a group format.  Everyone will be invited into the theatre. There will then be readings from extracts of the script. Please make sure you have read the script.
SHOW Dates: 17 Nov – 1 Dec, 2018 in the Rose Theatre, at The Rose Centre, Belmont.

Rehearsals are usually Tues/Thurs evening and Sunday afternoons, but will be confirmed with the cast. Rehearsals commence after Sept 17 2018.  

“A (cardio) arresting comedy packed with hypertensive hilarity. For Roger Hall, there's nothing retiring about retirement and ageing is not merely a tale of bridge and bedpans. Last Legs is a lethally funny black comedy about sex, death and politics with an irresistible appeal to the old and bold of heart.”   From the Auckland Theatre production. 2017

CAST:  4 women and 2 men.

All the characters are of an age to live in a well-to-do retirement community.


Trish (also plays another older character, Sheila, with a strong English accent. )

Kitty (also plays another older character Joyce.)

Edna (also plays another older character Eve)

Helena - in a relationship with Angus and 15 years YOUNGER than Angus.  (also plays another character Lexie)



SCRIPT (digital) available from Sherry - email

Email the director, Sian Davis, with any questions:

OR phone Sian on 09 4834 245
Howick Little Theatre
Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joanne
By Carl Nixon
Directed by Ian Milnes

Laughs amid the make-up in the HLT castroom (Photo: David Marks).

Howick Little Theatre's auditions are open to everyone and we love to see new faces in our productions. If you're new to Auckland and looking for a theatre club to join, come and see us. If you can’t make the audition date, let us know and we will try to accommodate you on another day.

Auditions: Sunday, 8th July, 9am-noon

It’s 9.55pm on a Tuesday and Matthew, a trendy advertising executive, has just had a revelation in the gluten-free, organic food aisle of his supermarket. One that will change his life and the lives of those close to him. But what if they think he has gone mad? A sophisticated play that takes a light-hearted look at relationships and moral dilemmas.

This is a play that, on the surface, is about religion, but what religion? Materialism? Spirituality? Christianity? It reminds me of Yasmina Reza’s play Art, a play about the purchase of a white painting that is not about the painting at all, but about the relationships between the three characters.

I’m looking for three actors who will work collaboratively during the rehearsal process and are happy to improvise and think about movement and space without clear stage directions. Otherwise known as “if it works, the director is brilliant, if it doesn’t, the actors did it.” I would like actors who are not afraid to break the fourth wall or turn their back on the audience.

The Staging note on pg 2 of the script provides some clues:

The set is open, stylised. The scenes move fluidly from one to another. At various points in the play all three characters speak directly to the audience. They also make eye‐contact with the audience in scenes when they are not the speaker but want their opinion confirmed, are feeling triumphant or guilty.

The character age ranges are 40+ -- primarily because Mark needs to believably have a 17-year-old daughter, but I am reasonably flexible. The important thing is that the actors look “right” together.

MATTHEW: husband of Joanne, business partner and friend of Mark. The new Christian. Needs to be played very sincerely and is very much the “straight” man of the piece.

MARK: business partner and friend of Matthew, friend of Joanne. Very materialistic.

JOANNE:  wife of Matthew, friend of Mark. Spiritual, yoga convert.

Luke never appears on stage. You just have to have faith he exists.

Audition pieces will be taken from pgs 3-13 of the script and possibly a piece from pgs 27-33 if I need to see Mark and Joanne interact directly.

Contact the office for a script.

Performance dates:September 8-29, 8pm.

Opens Sat 8, then Wed- Sat, with two Sunday matinees, September 8 and 16 at 2pm

Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7.30pm to 10pm, and Sundays 7.00pm to 10.00pm commencing Sunday, July 22. We may have a readthrough of the play with cast and crew sometime prior.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Ian Milnes

0279 376 832
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