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When Dad Married Fury

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When Dad Married Fury by David Williamson Directed By Max Golding. Company Theatre

When their Dad remarried a much younger woman his adult children fear they may miss out on the inheritance. What follows is pure Williamson as the children plan to confront their Father to demand they receive the estate he would leave.
A great play covering a subject that many families have to confront these days.
I loved it and would recommend that you book now to see this play.
Its on until 16th April at Rose Centre Belmont. See What's on for more details of the play.

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Average Vote: 114.0/5
2016-05-06 11:24:21
To Kill a Mocking Bird - Auckland Theatre Adapted by Christopher Sergel Directed by Colin McColl
Enjoyed it very much. Simon Prast nailed Atticus Finch. Good set. Only minor complaint the young person playing Scout was inaudible, Something wrong with the mic placement maybe. Ian Mune also gave a great performance as the Judge.
Well worth a trip to Civic to catch this play

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