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What's on in Auckland 2021

Company Theatre
Rose Centre
Director Kathy Gent
14 - 28 August 2021
4 middle aged businessmen on a team building exercise.
What could go wrong?!

Neville's Island is a dark comedy
telling the story of four middle aged businessmen,
sent on a team building exercise in England's Lake District,
who succeed in being the first people to find themselves shipwrecked inland!

Set on a freezing November weekend, our four men,
used only to fighting for survival in the office, now fight for survival in the wild.
They are armed with a single portable telephone,
whose dying batteries will allow only one short call.

And what took place on Neville's Island that foggy November weekend,
none of this middle-management team would ever forget.

Dolphin Theatre
Spider’s Web
By Agatha Christie

Directed By Matthew Cousins
Season - 06 Aug to 21 Aug
When a murder occurs in Clarissa’s drawing-room she suspects her young stepdaughter Pippa. Things are not helped by the imminent arrival of husband Henry with a VIP in tow who might take a dim view of bodies in the drawing-room. However, by the time Henry gets home, the murderer has been unmasked and all is normal, so normal that Henry is utterly unable to believe Clarissa when she explains exactly why there are no refreshments ready for their honoured guest.
A Community Theatre production of ‘Spiders Web’ by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd and New Zealand Play Bureau Ltd.

Ellerslie Theatrical Society
Our Man in Havana
adapted by Clive Francis
from the novel by Graham Greene
directed by David Blakey
26 August to 4 September 2021 at 8pm
Matinees Sunday 29 August and Saturday 4 September at 2pm
No evening performance Sunday 29 August
No performance Monday 30 August
“You should dream more, Mr Wormold. Reality in our century is not something to be faced."

James Wormold, an under-employed vacuum cleaner salesman living in 1950s Cuba, is struggling to pay for his teenage daughter's increasingly extravagant lifestyle. So when the British Secret Service asks him to become their 'Man in Havana' he can't afford to say no.

There's just one problem: he doesn't know anything!

To avoid suspicion he begins to recruit non-existent sub-agents, concocting a series of intricate fictions. He files bogus reports using Charles Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare and dreams up military installations from vacuum-cleaner designs. But Wormold soon discovers that his stories are closer to the truth than he could have ever imagined ...

In Clive Francis' adaptation, Graham Greene's classic satirical novel becomes a wonderfully funny and fast-moving romp.


HLT Theatre Presents
My Cousin Rachel
Daphne Du Maurier's romantic drama, adapted by Joseph O'Conner
Directed by Terry Hooper

Season: Sep 11 to Oct 2, 8pm
Matinees: Sep 12 & 19, 2pm


Papakura Theatre Company
Steel Magnolias
Directed by Emma Love

ABOUT THE PLAY: In Truvy’s Louisiana beauty parlour, a tightly-knit band of friends confront life’s unforeseen tragedies and heartaches with what they do best: gossiping, sharing and laughing. Joining the kind and witty Truvy are: Shelby, the spirited diabetic and bride-to-be; M’Lynn; her always supportive mother; Anelle, Truvy’s gawky new assistant; Ouiser, the local curmudgeon and Clairee, the town’s former First Lady. These are the warm Southern Belles who support one another through life’s challenges with their wry observations, quick wit and unwavering friendship and when tragedy strikes, it is the familiar comfort of Truvy’s where they seek the solace and support to carry them through.
American writer Robert Harling wrote Steel Magnolias as a way of coping with the passing of his sister, Susan, who died in 1985 from complications related to diabetes.  The title infers that the female characters are as delicate as the flowers on the magnolia tree they are arguing about when we first meet them, but in reality they are as tough as steel.

Torbay Theatre
Life and Beth
By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Anne Rimmer

Coming in August

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